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Google Developer Group Dhaka and Women Techmakers Bangladesh Arranged “Break Inequality” Workshop

On the 20th of April, Women Techmakers Bangladesh and Google Developer Group Dhaka collaborated to host a ‘Break Inequality’ program specifically for women at the EMK Center in Dhanmondi. The workshop’s tagline was “progress not perfection,” emphasizing the need of women becoming more active in technology rather than being technically adept.

Ms. Rakhshanda Rukham, Manager, Google Developer Group Dhaka and Co-Founder of Preneur Lab Youth and Innovation Trust, launched off the half-day session at 10.20 a.m. with an ice-breaker presentation. She emphasized the significance of women learning digital skills and being more involved in the use of technology to advance their careers.

The event was primarily focused on increasing female knowledge of technical advances and making them technologically intelligent, which will help them construct a more methodical career. The event drew a large number of enthusiastic participants from various prestigious universities and organizations who are eager to begin their careers in the near future.

Following that, Punna Islam, UN Women’s Coordination and Partnership Officer, led a discussion on varied perspectives on today’s tech involvement, women’s separation from technology use, different perspectives on devices, and technologically advanced principles. She also talked about her varied career path, which inspired the audience to work under difficult situations.

Then came the ‘Panel Discussion,’ which was the most engaging part of the program. Nausheen Ahmed, ASA International’s Assistant Director of Internal Audit, Fatema Tuz Johoora, Oxfam Great Britain’s Private Sector Partnership Broker, and Rebecca Sultana, UNDP Bangladesh’s Project Officer for a Tolerance and Inclusive Bangladesh, were among the panelists. During the debate, all of the notable females discussed how, even in 2022, women are still trailing behind due to a lack of education, knowledge, and practicality. The discussion was lively, and participants addressed the challenges they confront in their daily lives. The panel then discussed how, in keeping with the slogan, we should focus on progress rather than perfection.

The overall session was so informative and encouraging. Everybody present in the room enjoyed it a lot. The event then came to an end with a certificate giving ceremony and a photo session part.


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